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Exterior Wall Coatings and Wall Rendering London.

BrixSeal – the experts in external wall coatings in London.

After some time there is a chance your external walls will start to look a bit tired and shabby and in need of attention.

Problems are generally caused by the natural elements  fading the paintwork which can cause it to fade and become flaky.

A major failing could be the render itself cracking and crumbling which will cause it to fall off.

Apart from your home or commercial premises looking unsightly, damaged wall render can have an effect on the internal walls causing rising damp.

There are tell-tale signs if that is the case – you will start to see peeling wallpaper, blistering paintwork and rotting woodwork – particular around the skirting boards.

Apart from the cosmetic look damp can also cause health problems.

Owners and occupiers of damp or mouldy buildings are at increased risk of experiencing health problems such as respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

A number of people are more sensitive to mould than others, and some groups are especially vulnerable.

So how can our external wall coating and rendering company in London help?

Firstly, check for obvious signs of damage – again this might be caused by weather but also bodged or failed DIY wall rendering and patch repairs is a common problem we come across.

If the time has come to phone a professional wall coating and rendering company in London then BrixSeal is the number one choice.

We can do:

Damp treatment in London for damaged walls caused by failed rendering. This is a must to prevent damp penetrating and spreading further and eliminating associated health risks.

Our wall rendering company in London offer a range of services to deal with different types of render problems. If you have minor cracks in your walls we can fix this by inserting a tough resin or apply stitching to larger cracks.

For larger areas with severe problems it would be better to remove the old wall render and repair with new.

We can apply exterior wall coatings for homes and businesses in London in a range of colours which not only make your home or commercial property looking more pleasing to the eye but protect it from the elements and ensure damp cannot penetrate your walls.

So why use BrixSeal in London?

We have over 15 years’ experience for all wall coating and rendering.

We have many customers who have kindly left  reviews for us on our TrustATrader page and we are also a registered contractor with Andura one of the leading wall coating specialists in the UK.

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